(Kellogg's, 2003)

Gimmick: Finally, 'smores technology has been applied to breakfast cereal bits.

New Technology: None, really, other than a new application of chocolate and graham artificial flavoring. But at long last the marshmallow bits finally make sense in a cereal!

Purported Flavor: "Rich chocolatey graham cereal with marshmallows"

Actual Flavor: Strike the "rich" description and focus on the letters "-ey."

In many ways, Smorz is a triumph of marketing rather than any new breakthroughs in flavor or texture. Indeed, the actual cereal isn't altogether different from any other sugar-fest involving choco-bits and marshmallows. However, who can possibly resist the promise of ready-made 'smores mounded into one's cereal bowl? Your mind will do half the work of formulating a delicious experience just in anticipation; once it realizes that you're consuming run-of-the-mill cereal, it'll be too late to stop and consider your disappointment. Another victory for the marketing team is the cereal's name: note the propitious use of the letter "z," thus endowing this old-time campfire favorite with an up-to-the-minute Gen Z allure. But although Smorz doesn't completely fulfill its promise of instant graham cracker and chocolate sandwiches, it is certainly no worse than other sugar cereal of its kind. If you can allow yourself to accept the fantasy it presents, then Smorz may be more palatable than its choco-bits competitors.

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