The Brothers KrofftSid and Marty Krofft created some of the weirdest children's TV programs ever. When will a network give them another chance to warp young, impressionable minds?

King LeerRuss Meyer made his film career obsessing over large mammaries. Yet his greatest work has the least amount of boobage: Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! SIDEBAR: A T&A Q&A.

MAD LoveMAD Magazine, the gold standard of American mockery changes with the times, and co-editor Nick Meglin tells us why. SIDEBAR: An extended Q&A with Meglin.

King of the KustomsGeorge Barris may be best known for designing the Batmobile, but he also created hot rod culture.

Looney 'ToonsRen & Stimpy creator John Kricfalusi changed TV cartoons. Why can't he get any respect? SIDEBAR: A Q&A, A, A w/ John K. about Disney, Pixar, the history of the animation industry, and bad writers who masturbate.

Good TrashDirector John Waters knows good filth when he sees it. SIDEBAR: Trashy free-association with Mr. Waters.

Geek Love • Learn mind-control with the ringmaster of The Jim Rose Circus.

Road Work We sneak backstage to watch the cast and crew of A Prairie Home Companion put on an old-fashioned radio roadshow.

Let's Get Fuzzy The American newspaper comics page stinks, but Darby Conley's Get Fuzzy inspires hope.

Road Food Warriors Authors Jane and Michael Stern search out the food and the culture of diner cuisine.

The Dark Muse of Karl Edward Wagner A personal memoir of the life of cult fantasy and horror writer Karl Wagner.


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