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The lost world of 45 jazz EP cover art

While the album-cover art of jazz long-players (both 12- and 10-inch) have been thoroughly documented in a variety of books (in particular, the everlasting work of Reid Miles at Prestige and Blue Note), the 45 jazz EP is a forgotten medium. But not to Bradley Reeves of Cinegraphic Archives and Preservation, who collects all variety of audio and film relics (and then digitizes them—he can do it for you, too). Here are some of the EPs from his collection (plus a few of my own); some of them feature artwork different from the LPs that collected the same songs.

Coury Turczyn

Coury Turczyn is a concerned consumer of popular culture. Got an interesting story idea or an amazing financial opportunity to share? Contact him at coury@popcultmag.com.

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